Inland Properties, LLC is a residential property management and construction company that provides a range of services to clients throughout metropolitan Hartford. We are a minority-owned and operated company based in Connecticut committed to providing our clients with superior quality and service excellence. Our clients choose us, because of our knowledge, expertise, and resources.

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V.  Sean Lilly is the founder and managing partner of Inland Properties, LLC. He’s been involved in the real estate and construction industries for nearly 15 years. He started as a leasing and property manager then expanded to include buying and selling properties.

Over time, he grew the business to include custom remodeling and new construction projects in Hartford County and throughout the New England area. As the managing partner for Inland Properties, Mr. Lilly is responsible for daily operations and management including client and contractor relations.

When Mr. Lilly founded Inland Properties, it was with a vision to transform urban neighborhoods through community redevelopment and revitalization. He remains committed to promoting community and neighborhood renewal throughout metropolitan Connecticut and New England.

Mr. Lilly graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Central Connecticut State University in 1993. He is a licensed real estate agent and since 2003 been a member of the National Association of Realtors and the National Association of Home Builders.


Since 1998, Inland Properties has managed and developed over 100 residential units and become the preferred contractor for residential home improvement and urban revitalization projects in the tri-state area. Our growing portfolio of properties and projects includes six two-family dwellings in Hartford, Connecticut, two homes in the Poconos region of Pennsylvania and other multi-family dwellings in suburban Hartford County.

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As a general contractor, we work closely with experienced professionals – from plumbers and painters to carpenters and contractors – each project is unique and requires coordination of skilled experts and subcontractors. We can assemble a team of experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals, then coordinate and schedule their work to get a good price and ensure your project is done as promised.

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